Wellness Warrior Method

Our community of Wellness Warrior Women, support and inspire each other. WWM is a mindset, and an invitation to a happier and healthier life. We are revitalizing the health & wellness scene. As a purpose-driven company, their mission is to activate the wellness warrior in each and every one of us. Using their signature principles for living and navigating life like a warrior, they show people how to change their health story and change their life. And by offering private coaching to wellness programming and spiritual fitness plans to supplements, they empower individuals to activate their road to recovery and get the results they deserve.


Wellness Warrior Method is a community of women learning to grow and use sprouts, move their body with spiritual fitness classes, yoga, strength exercises, combined with simple yet powerful holistic nutrition and growth mindset principles. .

Our mission
As a purpose-driven community, our mission is to activate the wellness warrior in each of us. From group challenge to wellness programs and spiritual fitness plans to online classes, we come together to help you change your health story — and change your life.

What we do
At Wellness Warrior Method, we help you find your formula to heal by unleashing the wellness warrior inside of you. Our methods integrate your mind, body, and heart to support ALL parts of you so you can truly feel your best. And by following our guiding principles for living and navigating life like a warrior, we show you how to love yourself back to health. Together, we face fears and find results — while having fun along the way.

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Who we serve
We applaud the courage it takes to want to heal, and we want to help you get to where you deserve to be. We work with anyone who wants to take back control over their health story and activate a healthier life, but our methods work best with those who are ready to be bold, do the soul work, and invite in more joy. We know it is a process. We know it can feel overwhelming. We know because we’ve both been there. And we want to help you finally put yourself first.
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Why we do it
We are driven by helping you unlock your healthiest you. We are more than just a go-to destination for weight loss and empowerment — we are a formula toward a more fulfilled life. At Warrior Life Code, we are not about finding cures, we are about finding paths — and giving you control over your own healing. We do this work because we believe that everyone deserves to feel more whole and to live a life where they can be their best selves.
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Get to know Natalia

Hi, I’m Natalia, and I know a thing or two about facing life’s curveballs. Today, I’m a wellness advocate, coach, author, and founder, but that’s not all I am. I’m also an Air Force and NYPD veteran, a daughter of a single mother, a Latina, a Bronx native, and a breast cancer survivor. I’ve faced many challenges (some tougher than others), and I spent ten years in public service before following my purpose. Throughout it all, I’ve learned that inviting joy is non-negotiable and that each formula for healing looks different—and that’s why I want to help you activate your unique road to recovery (with a dash of spirituality).

How about we make your healing journey fun, shall we?