How I Used Breast Cancer As A Healing Mechanism

Instead of a death sentence.

The call.

It was JUNE 11, 2019, I was practicing yoga outside on the balcony on a hot and humid day and my wife was in the kitchen - we were both trying to stay busy while waiting for the call from the Doctor’s office. You see, a few weeks back my wife found a lump on my right breast. We went through what we were taught as the proper protocol to see what was going on - Mammogram, ultrasound, and then a biopsy - in that order.

So on this particular day, my wife and I were anxiously waiting for the results from my biopsy, which would prove to be the phone call that changed our lives in a blink of an eye.

I was sitting on my yoga mat breathing when my cell phone rang... this was it... the call. Brittani and I made eye contact through the glass sliding doors, while I answered the call, and put the doctor on speaker. To be honest, the only words I can distinctly remember were...”I’m sorry... cancer ... and next steps...

Everything else sounded like a snoopy cartoon. And while experiencing the shock and heartbreak of that phone call - what I also remember clearly was watching my wife slump down and start crying. My wife doesn’t cry.
And I never ever wanted to be the reason for her tears.

The decision.

That same week, we put our big girl pants on and took action with a sense of urgency, together. Again, we proceeded following conventional protocol, MRI to find out the size and stage of the mass in my breast, and then a visit to the oncologist to get more clarity on the next steps we should take. Looking back now, the surgical oncologist was sharp, clear, and straight to the point - she did what she was trained to do - explain how they were going to eliminate the symptom, give me the stats, and how the surgery radiation and medication can help, of course with side effects.

Long story short ... my wife and I opted out of all surgeries, radiation, and medication. We decided with God (Higher power, source, love ) to move forward holistically. We decided ... fu*ck the stats. WE want to live.

The Miracle.

Hippocrates Health Institute is where we decided the healing adventure would begin but we needed help. We pulled from our savings, but it wasn’t enough ... we actually needed a miracle. I surrendered and with the loving advice from a faithful and miracle minded soul sister, she helped me muster up the courage to do something really uncomfortable. She said, “Your community will get you there. Ask for help. Go live on Facebook tonight !! We will get you there!!” And that is exactly what took place. That night, I did a Facebook live sharing the very scary and personal news, expressing my beliefs, and asking my Wellness Warrior community for help.

After that Facebook live, in two weeks, on JUNE 30, 2019, my wife and I checked in Hippocrates Health Institute. And the beginning of healing my life and creating a ripple effect for my wife, family, and our community began.

What’s Lovvve got to do with it?

Hippocrates Health Institute has given me the tools, resources, and sacred space to ask empowering questions, execute the answers I receive and create my own formula for my healing process. I learned to:

  • Let go of toxic foods, thoughts, and people.

  • Open my heart to forgiveness.

  • Visualize Healing for myself and humanity.

  • Voice my truth with grace.

  • Vibrate higher with living foods.

  • Empower me.

My Formula is LOVVVE.

After my first three weeks at HHI, I left the institute, feeling connected, conscious, and whole again. I knew I had to stay linked to Lovvve to continue the HHI way of life at home. I don’t just want to live ... I WANT TO LIVE A PURPOSEFUL PASSIONATE LIFE!!!

The call To courage.

As I write this, my eyes still get watery thinking of all the shit I put my wife and my mom through. My wife has supported me financially and emotionally throughout this entire process while radically changing her lifestyle to heal with me. My mother, not understanding my choices but still loving me unconditionally.

It was worth it. Today, the lifestyle change my wife and I made to live a joy-filled healthy life on our terms which has created a massive ripple effect! We grow our sprouts at home, help Wellness Warrior Women around the world jumpstart their own health and healing journeys with our online coaching program, and most importantly we are educating and helping our families realize that there is another way.

My mom just graduated from Hippocrates Health Institute and lost 17 lbs in three weeks!!! And she is now learning to grow her own wheatgrass in the Boogie Down Bronx! Miracles are happening !!!

I had no idea saying yes to Hippocrates Health Institute and following through with the protocol at home would guide me to a better relationship with my wife and mom, make me a more compassionate health coach and lead me to unconditional self-love. But it did. And it can do the same for you.

Oh yea, about that cancer diagnosis ...
the mass is still there but there is no blood supply. We keep track of blood tests, ultrasounds, and thermography. We are blessed to have such a loving and community and to be led by vision, faith, and Lovvve.

While there is no such thing as a single cure that works for everyone, I realized that there were rituals that I practiced which helped me regain my confidence and own my recovery journey. Alongside my wife Brittani, we created a wheatgrass supplement to supercharge my wellness. I found the benefits of a daily dose of wheatgrass to be a key activator in supporting my healing journey. Get yours today and begin your own healing journey.

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